Bloosand is chic, feminity and taste!

Stylish and at the same time trend, easy combined cpppe without having to worry about the quality of tailoring. Bloosand definitely keeps an eye on fashion, but doesn’t sink in endless trends, preferring clothing that mark you out the crowd. That is why our items border classic and purchased in the current season, still remain relevant for a long time. Our fans love laconic things and know how to combine them with each other – do it skillfully and not forget the accents.
We know and love fashion! Know the story, follow the evolution of technology and up to date on all the latest developments and trends. However, we do not follow fashion blindly, and take only the best. Woman in the style of Bloosand always looks stylish in any situation – she know how to combine comfort and beauty at the same time. Fan of the brand achieved a flawless appearance in a variety of circumstances.
Thinking through every detail and total of the collection, Bloosand team advance plans what accessories could pick up to each dress, jacket or blouse.
We have developed a special size chart that takes into account all types of shapes and international standards, our models are perfect fit to any woman.
We have created our own size chart that takes into account all possible body shapes (based on worldwide standards). Our models will be a perfect fit for any body type.
Our secret weapon – a team of professionals with great experience. My work only with high quality fabrics and accessories from around the world. Preference is given to European textile and natural fabrics that are always relevant. Basic in our collections are “eternal tops” – cotton, linen, jersey, lace, silk, wool, cashmere.
We use only high-quality fabrics and garniture from around the world. We prefer working with European textiles and natural fabric that will never go out of fashion and will last for years. The headliners of our collections are the all-time favorites – cotton, flax, jersey, lace, silk, wool, cashmere and other natural fabrics.
The most important thing for us – our clients. Indeed, in the first place, we do not create clothes, we create clothes for you. That is why all we care about (quality, efficiency) is done with the thought of our clients. Bloosand aims to provide the best possible service for online purchases. We combine the highest standards of service and flexibility in all matters, in order to set up a long and lasting relationship with you!